Do You Want to Know Exactly What to Think
What to Doand 

What to Say 
When She Says

I'm Not In Love With You Anymore?

Hey brother-

You may be here for a number of reasons...

Maybe your wife has grown distant and told you that she "needs space."

Or seemingly out of the blue she declares, "This just isn't working..."

Perhaps you've heard the all too common, "I love you, but I'm not IN love with you."

Or she's already dropped the Divorce Bomb on you...

It's like a punch to the gut you never saw coming. You feel blindsided – like the rug has suddenly been pulled out from under you.

And these men don’t understand why it’s happening, what went wrong, who’s to blame or what to think, do and say next...

The Fact Is, Women Initiate Over Two-Thirds Of All Divorces and Nearly 100% of the Husbands Are 

Caught Totally Off-Guard

Do any of these questions sound familiar??

  • How can a woman just "fall out of love?"
  • What am I supposed to do next without looking desperate?
  • Why is she so cold and distant and taking this so well?
  • What can I say to convince her that I'm committed to fixing things?
  • How can I sleep when all I can think about is only seeing my kids part time?
  • Who the hell is she texting or talking to on Facebook?
  • How do I deal with the fear of losing everything?

If you've been asking yourself one or more of these things, then you are in the right place.

And the good news is: you're not alone.

But the BETTER news is that there IS A WAY to immediately stop the nervous and needy behaviors that are making things worse and to confidently begin to change your marriage and yourself for the better...



An In-Depth, Laser-Focused, Intensive Designed To Give You Back Your Masculine Confidence, Clarity, Peace, Happiness, and Mojo When

Your Marriage Is On the Rocks

Through our men’s coaching practices we’ve developed the powerful and highly effective tools in this course in order to help you deal with the 
pain you’re going through right now.


  • Effectively deal with the "monkey  chatter" in your head that wakes you up at 3am
  • How to not take everything personally when it all FEELS personal
  • What to do on a daily basis to cope with the anxiety, fear, and sadness


  • Stop the behaviors that lead to fighting
  • Understand how to avoid the "Four Horsemen of Divorce"



Deep, dark and .... funny.

Yes, you read that right. That's our teaching and coaching style. 

  • We will take a deep dive into the psychological and behavioral challenges you're going through.
  • We won't shy away from the vulnerable part of the real pain you're going through and how to deal with the dark feelings.
  • And perhaps most importantly, we help you see the lighter side of the whole situation (there really is one, trust us.)

We've been in your shoes and we know why lots of (irreverent) humor, a loving brotherhood and unapologetic optimism about your options is KEY to your thriving in the future.

Gary Q.


My marriage is in a much more stable place now...

“Out of the blue one day my wife and mother of our two young kids said to me 'I can’t take this anymore we’re done.' She said she wanted a divorce. I was devastated. I spent months reading Internet articles and just being passive hoping things would blow over while in the back of my mind blaming my wife for everything.

I am thankful that I came across this course and would highly recommend this program to ANYONE that wants to improve their marriage and more importantly themselves. My marriage is now in a more stable place now. I’ve learned to be aware of how I contribute to my own happiness. There are less arguments and more common ground."

We know that in order to stop the

emotional free fall you are in, you must:

Connect with men who know this process and have not just survived, but THRIVED throughout.

Learn the deep, dark and sometimes AMUSING facts behind this common situation.

Make CONFIDENT, clear, and bold decisions in the coming weeks and months.


If you follow even HALF of the training, techniques,
and advice in this course, 




Chris L.



“I purchased the DDB course because I was experiencing fear and anxiety that my marriage was going to be over and wanted to find a way to save it while I began a path to be a better man.

In the course I learned that I am going to be ok regardless of the outcome of my marriage and I learned to to relax and be the man I want to be which allowed me to see a path that will lead to a better life for me, my kids and hopefully my marriage. I learned that there are things out of my control and there is nothing I can do about them. Letting go of those this will allow me to be more empathetic and understanding.

I am now able to understand that is not all about me and that I can only control my responses to my wife actions and decisions.

These are the results I'm seeing now in myself and my marriage: she is willing to spend more time with me, I am more confident in who I am and where this path will take me and I believe I will endure this part of life and come out a better man."

Your Biggest Challenge Is Knowing Exactly What to Do Next

How to Defuse the Divorce Bomb is not based on theoretical ideas or concepts. It is full of practical, time-tested, doable steps and practices that
WILL move the dial for you. 

The exercises and practices in this course are designed to help you reduce your pressure on her and give you breathing room to think and respond instead of just reacting. This will immediately make you feel more confident and start to rebuild trust with her that the changes your are making are real.


The nervous and needy behaviors that
are making things worse.

Being a calm and confident man who knows who he is.


If you already know Steve Horsmon, then count yourself fortunate. If not, then this is your chance to work with a man who will blow your mind and your socks off at the same time.

Steve used to be a Good Guy who tried to please everyone in his life (except himself of course). Today he is a Great Man who teaches other Good Guys who struggle in their relationships with women to become the confident men that theirs partners crave. From his years of experience as a coach, he knows how women think and the many traps that men fall into.

When it comes to telling it like it is, Steve is a straight shooter with a heart of gold. You’ll never meet a more honest, openhearted man and he generously shares his strength and knowledge with men from around the world.

His genius lies in his intuitive ability to know exactly how to handle relationship situations that baffle so many of us and then communicate those solutions in a no-nonsense way that makes everything crystal clear.

Bottom line: I'm honored to call Steve both friend and colleague as he is one-of-a-kind at being both.


Tim Wade is a Speaker, Writer, and Coach who helps “nice guys” reignite their natural mojo and step into healthy masculine power without becoming insensitive jerk-holes. Tim has been working as an empowerment coaching since since 2010 and brings 25 years of experience in personal growth and transformation during which he trained with Landmark Education, The Pathways Institute, Insight Seminars, and many others. 

Along with Tim’s professional training, his personal track record of long-term marriage, separation, divorce, and then happily  divorced man gives him an almost endless supply of personal experience when it comes to creating a life that you love and thriving no matter what.

Here's the straight talk: Tim is a man just like the you and me. He's incredibly smart, inquisitive, insightful, wise and just as fucked up as the rest of us. It's from that authentic, humble place where his generosity and brilliance shine.

Tim is a close friend and confidant who I trust without question and I invite you to do the same. When it comes to a model of a man who never stops learning, trying, striving, loving, inquiring and improving... Tim's on my A-list of people I choose in my life. Throughout this course I think you'll find out why you'll want him on your list too.



How to Handle the Next 7 Days After, “I love you but...I just don’t feel IN LOVE with you.”

You're sitting in the fallout of the divorce bomb being dropped on you. What the hell do you do now? We hit the ground running in this module with immediate ways to change your thoughts and action for the better.

  • How to stop the horror movies in your head (yes, we know all about it)
  • Deal with her ice cold attitude while you're freaking out
  • How to handle your fearful thoughts, anger, depression, and anxiety
  • What you must STOP doing right now and START doing instead

Take a Sneak Peek at Module One:

  • Finally relax and create more attraction
  • Quiet your nervous, needy energy so you can stop driving her away
  • How to feel more confident and stop reacting to every little thing she does


How to Avoid Fighting About Stupid Shit and Have Adult Conversations Instead

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  • Why you argue about stupid shit and how to stop it cold
  • How to confront the sex issue and why arguing about it is making things worse
  • How to stop trying to be right and start being more effective when you speak to her
  • How to dance with the drama and be a sexier man in the process

Take a Sneak Peek at Module Two:

  • The four marriage killers you must stop immediately
  • Stinkin' thinkin':  how to stop the flow of negativity and start creating more connection
  • How to become almost cocky in the face of conflict (in a really good way)
  • The secret about why she isn't even trying and why that's okay... for now


Asking For What You Want Without Fearing Her Reactions

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  • How to amp up your mojo and be crystal clear about what you really want
  • How to speak boldly about the life you want and expect for yourself
  • What women want and why you must understand her perspective!
  • How to deal with sexual tension and rejection like James Bond

Take a Sneak Peek at Module Three:

  • Outcome independence: the secret sauce and your ultimate super power
  • Becoming a cool, clear, unapologetic man (and why women find that so attractive)
  • Embrace your confident "inner lion" even in the face of her anger


Become a Man With a Plan

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  • Create a vision of your life that makes you cry (a good kind  of cry)
  • How to stay strong and focused (even when you're in "limbo land" with her)
  • Why you must be the captain of your own ship and how to navigate toward a better place
  • How to feel calm and confident in charting an amazing course and inviting her into your boat

Take a Sneak Peek at Module Four:

  • The promise you must make to matter what happens!
  • Learn the mantra that will carrying you through this challenging time
  • Embrace your confident "inner lion" even in the face of her anger


Cheating Cheaters & Lying Liars

It is devastating to find out that she is having an affair (of any kind). In this video we tackle how to survive, why spouses have affairs, what you can (and can't do) about it, and whether you should forgive or forget it. 

Father Knows Best (How to Be a Rockstar Dad During Separation and Divorce)

Being a father during this trying time is a particular challenge. On top of everything else, you have children who are looking to you for guidance and support. Learn what to do and not do in order to help your kids cope and even thrive. 

My Buddy Booze and His Pal Pot

Let's face it, no matter how "amicable" your separation is, divorce sucks. The temptation to numb out by getting drunk or high is huge (and understandable!) Find out why you may want to avoid these two "friends" for a while.