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"Every Man's Marriage Nightmare: How to Wake Up and Fix It Right"

Have you ever read a story you just couldn't put down?

It's very possible the story of Pete will have the same effect on you.

Pete's marriage is in trouble. His wife is equal parts angry, cold, and unaffectionate.  

On the verge of throwing in the towel,  he gets some timely advice from an unlikely source -- his stepfather Mike!

With Mike's help, Pete finally sees his relationship begin to turn around for the better...

Download the story now and find out what Pete learned that made a huge difference in his marriage.

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Steve Horsmon

Steve used to be a "Good Guy" who tried to please everyone in his life (except himself of course). Today he is a Great Man who teaches other Good Guys who struggle in their relationships with women to become the confident men that their partners crave. From his years of experience as a coach, he knows how women think and the many traps that men fall into.

Tim Wade

Tim Wade is a Speaker, Writer, and Coach who helps good men who yearn to have more intimacy, love, sex, and connection in their marriages. He coaches them to reignite their natural mojo and step into healthy masculine power without becoming insensitive jerk-holes. Tim has been working as an empowerment coach since 2010 and brings 25 years of experience in personal growth and transformation during which he trained with Landmark Education, The Pathways Institute, Insight Seminars, and many others.

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